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Posted by TribesofHalo - October 31st, 2011

If you missed the Halloween Easter Egg medals last year, today is your chance to get them. It's simple really. Visit every one of the current newground's staff's userpages and the medal will be rewarded. Props to Zxrus for pointing this out last year.

You can find the official list of the rad crew that manages this site here

Also, highly recommend checking out this forum topic & Extragrounds for more NG easter eggs (no medal treats here, just good old tricks).

Happy Halloween Everyone!


Posted by TribesofHalo - July 25th, 2011

I think your animation is fantastic, and I can understand people admire and appreciate your videos still for the mere reason of getting some popcorn action. But I feel like my appreciation for the series has been raped. I thought it was pretty bad in the two last ones - especially the one before this one. But now you're really pushing it for me (again, this is MY opinion). All you who loves this; more power to you. But let me explain to all of you, including the artist, why this felt too much for me. Try to take my points in without attacking me for having my own opinion, if that's not too much to ask for.

Hank as a monster... I don't get it. For me, the whole point of these Madness videos were to see a completely regular human of exquisite skills kill of a whole lot of bad guys with nothing else than the weapons he has, including his fists at some times. Now, with the crab-arm even getting it's own fist attached to Hank, and him being huge with a short forehead and that metal-chin, looking primitive, is just... silly. He looks stupid. Only reason I watched this, was because I was waiting in vain for Hank to return to his normal self. But on top of everything, he is teaming up with someone else, which makes absolutely no sense. Yes, I know that dude and his friend helped Hank to get revived - but it's still out of character. Hank is a loner, fighting for his own. He is not supposed to be a oversized monster-monkey with a crab-arm. At least not to me. I've been trying for so long to understand why you decided to go into this really obscure direction when you released Madness Inundation. Jesus is the new main character in that one, which ruined the whole point. It was basicly a spin-off. And then we had Madness Aggregation; where there's two new extremely lame and uninteresting guys. Even Madness Consternation started to get too weird - mostly for the ending, and the fact he is spending more time running away from a monster rather than trying to kill as many henchmen as possible.
I don't know; maybe I've been growing out of it. I just preferred when you didn't try to make it deviating from the source of it. I admire mindless action; but this is getting out of hand. I'm sorry, but... I am disappointed. I miss the old Hank, and I miss him fighting on his own against impossible forces. Like Madness Antipathy, and all of the Madness videos before that. We just see him beat the living shit out of tons of henchmen to badass music as he chases the final boss he fights in the end of the episode, and maybe somewhere in the middle briefly as well. Yeah; honestly, Madness Antipathy would be what I would call your true masterpeice among everything you've made considering Madness overall. It was your "Beethoven's 5th". You might want to continue doing the Madness episodes the way you do them now, but... for me, Madness is everything but Madness nowadays. And that's my honest opinion. I respect people for disagreeing - but I thought it was worth to let others now properly what some (at least me) considerto be the point of everything... even though it's literally meant for madness as that's what it called, but still.

You're a good animator though. Do what you feel is right. If you wanna ignore my words, then fine. But I wrote this in case you will consider it a thought. Thanks for your time if you read this. :)

http://kurvos.newgrounds.com/ 's opinion/review for http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/

Posted by TribesofHalo - July 29th, 2008

I've decided to devote a news post to listing (at the time of interest) non-artist newgrounds member, and/or artist that aren't really favored for what they submit (again, at time of interest) but more so in what they say, that have invoked curiosities from myself.

This list may very well grow over time.
Heck...leave a decent enough comment and you'll potentially set yourself up to being another member added to the updated extension(s) of this list.

Nav <---this one I'm investaging his audio


And now...a pic highlighting a messed up deal with the voting system >>

The List of Non-artist interests

Posted by TribesofHalo - July 1st, 2008

Decided to pick Newgrounds back up as a part of my playing and entertainment field choices a few days back.
And I must say, I'm quite impressed...for the most part.

One of the first flashes I've watched was that of Super Mario Hyahdain created by Scott-Falco, and dear GOD that song is ADDICITING (That flash is playing in the background as I type this)
The cute and anime styled animation flowed incredibly well with the song remix involving the two main competitors of the Super Mario Series trying to win over Peach, who believes that both are quite good lookin' but wishes for them to not be so flirty with their dialogue.

Soon came a quick sweep for any recent flash releases of an old favorite artist of mine, for his fast paced and true-to-average-gamer's story structure, Egoraptor! :P
And sure enough, on the front page was that very creation I thought of searching for while listening to Super Mario Hyadain (still playing in the background, perhaps I should write a review for it).
Awesome Gaiden, although rather short (35 seconds on the dot last time I timed it), it's fast paced humor and chaotic, yet understandable flow of events had me laughing for quite sometime (still has me smiling when I rewatch at times). Though through all this...it felt rather un-filling as to what the storyline and non-main characters were...curious if anyone else felt this way, I decided to dig through the reviews.
As I peaked through the reviews for Awesome Gaiden, I noticed a 0 in the sea of 10's. Out of curiosity, I decided to read it to understand the odd and drastic break in the sea of praise.
"Not impressed"
by: gaudi1972

As a teacher in the UK currently watching a serial about knife crime and deaths of young people... I did not find anything entertaining in this toon at all...
Why don't you try to promote peace and happiness instead? Have you seen Meet The Moon???"
The review's justification was definitely an understandable view as to why the violence didn't amuse her, and somewhat sympathetic...as I remember the series of school shootings that have went down over the years. From the Harris and Klebold and duo that shot up the Columbine High School on April 20th, 1999, to the ever recent and famous Virginia Tech massacre.
But ever so, I've found my heart to look past such events and enjoy the rush and humor that can come along with animated and theater staged violence, without the intention to ever getting myself involved in such situation.
As for Meet the Moon, I didn't know exactly that she was referencing an actual flash on Newgrounds since she was soo new...but sure enough, once I saw Meet the Moon listed as a "Best of the Week"...I knew I had to see what this compassionate-for-peace-and-life-teach er was talking about.

Meet The Moon by GodamnDawg (aka Ashley MacD.) quickly became another sworn favorite. The beautifully done background music captured me right off the bat. As for the animation, many of the cute wolf pup's expressions, actions, and attitude had me smiling the whole flash through and through. I even decided to stop the flash at certain times so I could pull over paint and use Print Screen to save those enchanting poses.

Super Mario Hyadain

Awesome Gaiden

Meet the Moon (featured in pic)

Yes, I'm tried of typing...so the rest of what I did will remain unannounced and simply known only through the reviews, ratings, and favorites I've left on my page. Enjoy peakin at my collection and history of touring and hunting through newgrounds!

And to imagine...all this was written so that other users (namely one I commented on just tonight ) could leave comments on my profile. Man I must be bored now.... >>

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