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Good action, good music, good use of color, lovely refined designs on the new assets you're bringing into the madness series alternative storyline you are writing. Hope your plot and action keeps up with the hype your trailer is bringing.

Did spot some strange cityscape perspectives at the start so it does looks like the backgrounds are still being refined but ultimately action and plot are where the meat of any madness animations of this caliber are at.

I hope Clickbait becomes a series because the satire and troll logic here is incredible.

404Tales responds:

Excellent- I do plan on making more of these!

One major hold back you have in your flash is that the text dialogue pauses the entire animation with no clear *next* button working. Only way I could reliably get the animation to progress was to right click and recheck play. Otherwise, decent flash.

Tytrun responds:

Press the spacebar -_-

That should be a given. Anyone if everyone knows that. And unless you don't want to "read" the dialogue press spacebar to continue

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First thoughts: remixed Slender gameplay. It was nice trying to go through the town instead of a forest though there was some strange stone layouts. Didn't like that this was in unity but it does prove beatable once you learn the notes spawn only one at a time. The music was a straight rip from the original Slender game though the pulsing did help give away Herobrine pretty quickly. Main value comes from the fact this game happens in a city environment though do admit the alleyways could be improved upon since they definitely acted more like a escape path rather than a potential funnel yourself into getting caught. Overall playable, and mildly easy if you keep your awareness up about getting away from Herobrine. Also the notes sometimes blend in with the building textures, was running around looking for the 8th note for the longest time until I finally decided to hug any surface that a note could be on. Also I do enjoy that just because you collected the notes, doesn't mean it's over. You have to make it back to your car. Hopefully the player remembers where they started. Also the tanker truck on the little car was a bit bizarre to look at. Guessing this city was supposed to be a ghost town?

OH and one more thing, though this would up the difficulty by quite a bit, if you plan to remake this, add more indoor areas, found myself yearning for more places other than just the one.

Interesting, playable, but could use improvement

The thing that kills this game a bit in terms of playability is the fact we aren't really given too much freedom to move around and it becomes a bit too easy to exit the dotted out of bounds box. I mean we are in an incredibly mobile helicopter and it doesn't take much to drift left or right outside of a box that is basically only barely 1.5 times the size of your helicopter. On a side note, left and right movement only seems truly useful in the very beginning to get yourself above tricky so your bullets become more likely to do damage and to push yourself back into the yellow inbounds box if you find yourself drifting out. The up and down movement portion only had the issue of not having a definite ceiling but never really negatively affected gameplay. One can actually fly out of both the gameplay level and what has been graphical limits of the level itself without much effort. (EASTER EGG OPPORTUNITY)

in a nutshell:
up and down movement >>(many times more useful than)>> left and right keys

This game could be modified to if the player is given the illusion of movement through a side-scrolling background (think Madness 6 (antipathy) the train scene for this one) - this could also be used if you want the player to be controlling tricky pursuing Stanford and Deimos without killing everyone's resource specs trying to play it.

The instructions for gameplay did help out quite a bit, but could use a graphical depiction of what one's hitbox and out of bounds box are.

I really really do want to see a sequel grow out of this game though. The music was great. The art was pretty spot on and well done and the basic gameplay was enjoyable once you picked up on what part of the helicopter actually needs to stay inside the bounds.

Happy Madness Day! Hope to see more from and of you~

EventHorizon responds:

Thank you for this very useful review and for all your advice, now with all the information you have given me I can improve my game, thanks!

Deep, engaging, and fun.

I could find everything item and ending wise through simple combing and watching out for sparkling stars and those faded x's. Well...all except for the 4th map piece, which eludes me even now, however I was able to solve the light/star puzzle with only the 5 of 6 pieces I had through simple trial and error. The items in the 'shadow' of buildings and structures are a little difficult to find at first, but when you recognize something is there, it makes it worlds easier.

The pathways do help guide the player around an otherwise very desolate map.

Your developer notes are actually interesting to read. Fascinating how you put it a deep, complex idea all together through rather simple means...well...the art and sound are loosely complex, but very neat none the less. :P

Very immersing game.
Very well encourage you to create some other ideas you have on the mind.

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Despite the fact the game (Ley Lines) in question isn't the most dramatic plot I've recently seen judging from the trailers out now, the music you've given it definitely gives it life in ways comparable to what well written dramatic dialogue can do.

The piano and vocal/vox melodies are particularity flawless, can't fault anything about them.
The staccato string drone that begins @0:25 along with the piano melody shift adds a sense of urgency to the piece and the fact the staccato continues on helps drives the urgency up until the drone is dropped at @1:36 which along with the return to major chords the other instruments do @1:37 helps provide an emotional breather/release in this wonderfully done loop.

While the staccato string drone is going, the environment around me could be completely peaceful and yet I would still need to feel the need to address some important matter in the area in an adventure or battle setting.
Staccato drone = perfect urgency

While the piano along with the vox melody implies there's something of core emotional value going on or at least to be considering while in the area where this plays. When the piano and box are by themselves, the tune become a time in which to think over or breathe. The violin coming in and out even while the drone isn't going does keep the idea of a loose spirit (person, energy, animal, or otherwise) is still in the air.

If I had to be absolutely critical, there's a brief discord that happens with the violin at 1:20-1:36, but it maybe due to the violin hitting a minor chord with the other instruments or something along those lines. It's somewhat jarring if one was expecting a gentle but urgent paced boss theme upon until this point but ultimately helps really give life to the emotion that something is out of place. The discord caused by this violin hitting minor scale progression does build up tension that becomes released with the sustained note carried out @1:37 so it. So it does have purpose in that sense. In fact the higher pitch of the violin does build up to be like a nemesis in this piece, really bringing to life the idea of something falling out of harmony or rebelling against the melody imposed by the other instruments, perhaps out of sadness until the tension gets released during the final 20 seconds of the loop. (So in the off chance you decide to ever end up revisiting this piece and something feels out of place, the violin from 1:20-1:36 is a point that objectively stands out that could easily be played with to change the overall tone of this entire song.)

Overall a beautiful piece and I can easily see this piece in particular getting it's own extended version being crafted by fans if so allowed. To Be Honest, the soundtrack tidbits you've been releasing here and in those trailers is what gets me hyped for Ley Lines thanks to the possibilities of the creativity the boss battle introduces on the drama and mechanic front. It maybe the piano but also kind gives me some Final Fantasy vibes too. Would be cool to see you play the core melody on piano or an instrument of your choice sometime.

TL;DR version:
Awesome Piano. Awesome choirs. Love the string drone. Well timed Tubular(?) bell chime. Violin melody probably could be played with. Provides sense of Urgency yet emotional significance. Easy to listen to loop. Ignites imagination. Good Stuff, hope to see more from you since you are on a roll!

Wonderfully pleasing

Thank you for uploading this great work. This song alone has placed you upon my radar as a composer for awesome retro tracks. Can't wait to see what else you got in store!

Simple Deep Muse of a tale of an emotional search

This is one of those soundtracks that doesn't need a game or movie to give it meaning. In fact quite the opposite, "Searching..." gives itself it's own worth through it's continual yet gentle and deep melody. Should add great emotional backdrop on the character's journey. I'm still curious about the storyline of the game this is going to be made for...but that's a small detail in comparison to the ideas and story "Searching..." hints at.

As for the structure of your song, the song does not bore one bit, the melody and instruments changes and repeat apporiately. A theme melody can be found within this simple song.

The song did noticeably restart at times, (half second of silence and then an abrupt pitch shift), but that seems to be more so due to the NG player lagging than compositional or recording fault, but noting it anyway due to it being the only noticeable interruption to the mood of the song.

As for the introduction and fading of the instruments, the hard piano and strings come in gradually and to a powerful effect, giving the song a more profound swirl of energy that helps perk up the listener's attention (as opposed to the emotional backdrop that the drone was providing). As for the exit of the hard instruments and piano, the repeat wraps off it's part melody quite nicely by signifying it's own end and yet letting the drone carry on without leaving an awkward feeling.

The droning (soft) piano helps carry the overall melody when it comes on it's own and complements the hard melody when it comes in to bring more life to the loop. Though I couldn't help but wonder how a song/loop would do with just the simple drone by itself, for it seems to hold it's own so well.

This is a beautiful rolling hill layering you have here.

As for the instruments, I wonder if you used live instruments due to the clear sampling.

Regardless, this is a beautiful piece you've composed, I've been listening to this non-stop for well over 20 minutes as I write this review. Can't wait for the release of this game and more importantly, more compositions from such a talented artist such as yourself.


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She's having him mark her as her own.

Great comic and humor by the way. Love the art style

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